Melanie Levenberg



Hi, I'm Melanie!

I’ve been obsessed with movement since I was a kid. I grew up in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada. It's the kind of place where "free-range" kids could roam and play all day. Movement was part of my everyday life - whether it was building snow forts in -30°C or jumping into a lake in +30°C. I LOVED being outside, moving, and playing!

As I grew up, I also fell in love with teaching. I became a Physical Education teacher, and I adored working with students as they developed positive mindsets and physical competence to be active for life. I also adored curriculum design and assessment, and so decided to move to a position where I could to work within the education systems to empower teachers, instructors, leaders to feel more confident in delivering high-quality physical literacy programs and services.

As a children's fitness expert and consultant, I’ve had the honour of working with organizations such as OPHEA, Kingston Gets Active, PHE Canada, Vivo for Healthier Generations, The University of Western Ontario, Les Mills International, Korea National Sport University and Move Live Learn.

In 2013, I established my own company and created PL3Y programs, the world's only pre-choreographed and pre-packaged physical literacy programs and training for DANCEPL3Y, POWERPL3Y, and PL3YGROUND.

Now I happily travel the world as a physical literacy consultant and keynote speaker, having presented workshops and energizers throughout North America and internationally in Shanghai, Copenhagen, Seoul, London, Dusseldorf and many more. When I’m home in Vancouver, Canada, I stay active by exploring the mountains and ocean that surround me. I’m still addicted to moving and playing outside, but now I have the joy of exploring with my wife and daughter by my side.


I believe that...

Movement is critical to life.
We live our life in motion. Movement invigorates the body and activates the mind. Being a confident, competent and motivated mover is the key to overall health and well-being. Movement has many physical benefits, but it also positively impacts our mental and social well-being. Getting active helps to stabilize emotions and is a great way to build social connections. Movement makes us better learners and allows us to live healthier and happier lives!

The world needs more positivity and positive people.
As humans, we are faced with an epidemic of negative self-talk. Our thoughts shape our reality, and our ability to see the world through a positive lens is a skill to develop and practice. Learning to master the ability to switch any "I can't" thoughts to "I'll try..." or "I can..." is the foundation of a growth mindset. I believe that when people begin to recognize their own awesome talents and abilities and take a more positive perspective on their world, our planet, communities, workplaces, families, schools and relationships will thrive!

Play is an "underdog" solution to our world’s biggest problems.
"The opposite of play is not work, it's depression." - Brian Button-Smith. 
As we continue to consume technology, communities throughout the world are seeing the negative effects of our 'digitally distracted' way of life; social disconnect, isolation, depression, anxiety, obesity, poor mental health, unhappy people... Movement matters, and play is one of the most powerful solutions you can give your students, co-workers, employees, family members and yourself!

Let’s play together and inspire your community

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