Melanie Levenberg
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Elevate your event with a dynamic speaker!

With the perfect combination of energy and intellect, Melanie Levenberg’s keynote presentations offer world-class information through an engaging facilitation style. She pairs intellectual content with physical movement to keep audiences of any size engaged and ACTIVE – from an intimate session to crowds of over 10,000!  

Each keynote presentation Melanie delivers is customized to align with your event's theme, taught through one of the following lenses: Playfulness, Positivity, Physical Literacy, Active Learning, or Disrupting Education. 



World-class content delivered in a way that captures the hearts and stimulates the minds of your delegates. 



Positive and playful philosophy woven throughout every presentation and topic. 



Integrated movement sparks electrifying mind-muscle connections and makes your event unforgettable. 


Melanie Levenberg

Melanie Levenberg is a speaker, author, TEDx presenter and Physical Education teacher with a Masters in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. She puts her passion into action through her work as a Physical Literacy Consultant and Chief PLAY Officer for PL3Y International. Through innovative keynote sessions, workshops, and training, Melanie works with organizations around the world to infuse Professionally Playful ideas into their programs and services. Her mission is to empower local leaders to deliver physical literacy programs that are brought to life through an inclusive, imaginative and engaging pedagogy.

Mélanie est francophone du nord de l’Ontario et offre aussi ses ateliers et présentations en français


Past Conferences & Events


Most Popular Workshops

Keynote: Play with change

Sector: Any
‘A Change in Perspective’, a new opportunity to see your world from different ‘eyes’, however, fostering a culture of change does not always come easily.  How do you bring a fresh perspective to your programming, your planning, your professional development and your personal life? In this active keynote, Melanie will inspire us to look at the power of play to help change perspectives. Play allows us to discover new things about ourselves, take on different points of views, face different challenges and build resilience. Ultimately, play allows us to step outside the ordinary and makes room for the extraordinary to unfold. Are you ready to discover how play can help you explore and execute a 

developing physical literacy through dance

Sector: Physical Education
Bring your P.E. program to life with dances that foster physical literacy and develop fundamental movements skills (FMS)!  Learn an engaging and interACTIVE teaching style that uses simple moves from a variety of music styles (Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, Bollywood, Jazz/Funk) and sports themes (basketball, volleyball, baseball) to address all four Elements of Physical Literacy (physical, affective, cognitive & social) and use a simple formula to create your own dances that will keep students ACTIVE while they develop FMS!


Sector: Education (General)
Staying positive and healthy in today’s world can be a challenge.  As School District Staff, your ‘vibe’ attracts your ‘tribe’ and the climate you create everyday affects yours and students’ wellbeing. It’s important to be equipped with tools and strategies to help you create and maintain a happy, fun and positive life! Come discover how fostering a playful mindset can help you experience the most out of your family, friendship and work relationships. Get ready to move, stretch and boogie in this interACTIVE Keynote that will inspire you to BE the most fun version of yourself!

tDfU: a new model for Dance in PHYS ED

Sector: Physical Education
Teaching Dance for Understanding is a new pedagogical approach for dance education that shakes things up with dance the same way TGfU brought us a new way of teaching games in P.E.! Experience the 6 Phases of the TDfU framework and discover physically-active and culturally diverse lesson ideas to engage students with dance moves that are relevant, accessible and energizing. Access resources including video tutorials, choreography notes, lesson activities and assessment rubrics.  


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